Biaya mendaki Gunung Kinabalu dalam satu hari….

Wandering American

I figured I’d give some up to date information about climbing Mt. Kinabalu in one day since the cost of a 2d/1n is cost prohibitive for most backpackers. The lowest quote from a tour operator in Kota Kinabalu was 950 MYR, or a touch over $305 at the moment. Most of this cost is for the dorm style accomadation at the base camp just before summit. They charge something ridiculous like $100 for the night.
So, to do it independently costs 268 MYR ($85), plus a 15 Ringgit ($5) park entrance fee. This charge will drop by another $20 if you can find a partner to split the cost of the mandatory guide. More then 2 people requires more then one guide, so it’s most cost effective in pairs.
The breakdown of the 268 ringgit is as follows:
100 MYR for the permit to climb
128 MYR per guide for…

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